Let's get magnetised! Leave short messages on your fridge, oven, ... with our magnetic quotes.
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Add a little accent to you fridge, magnetic board or oven with our magnetic quotes! They are presented in a sleek transparant cover with a printed card, that displays on the back extra information about our brand and product. Our magnetic quotes are a nice and functional gift idea to leave unexpected cute messages for your loved ones or are just fun to buy to personalise your own space at home.

Our magnetic quotes are available in glossy black, gold or silver.

Goegezegd quotes are made from high quality UV-resistant acrylate. This guarantees that their color will stay stable and won't fade over time. During production we apply a magnetic layer on the back of the quotes. This magnetic layer has just the right amount of magnetism in order to position the quote on any ferromagnetic surface in one swift move and without them falling down. Just keep in mind that rough, highly textured and non-ferromagnetic surfaces are not suitable.

One size fits all, easy peasy. Our magnetic quotes have all the same font size & thickness.
Max. 15 characters in total (spaces including).
Max. 1 text line
Font height = +- 30mm total height.
Thickness = 3mm

Installation Instructions
Installing the quote is very easy! First make sure that your surface is a ferromagnetic surface (a ferromagnetic surface is a surface that is attracted to magnets, such as steel or iron). Remove the individual quote from the transparant cover with card and place the quote with the magnetic side towards the ferromagnetic surface of choice. The quote will then automatically be drawn to the surface, due to its magnetic properties. Change the position as much as you want and enjoy!

To remove, please remove the quote slowly by lifting it up bit by bit until the quote automatically detaches from the surface.

Packaging & transport
Our quotes are always dispatched by Bpost postal service in a suitable and sturdy transport box.

Our products are for decorative purposes only and are not toys. Always keep them away from small children and pets. Please handle with care: don't drop or throw the quote on hard surfaces to avoid damage.

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